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Our Projects


Manning one of the South Gippsland Shire cubes at the Loch historical railway station in June 2023. Weather was very cold and wet for the week.

Hilda Falls

Hilda Falls is a long-term project of the group. Located just 2.5km from Loch, Hilda Falls is a natural rock waterfall on Allsop Creek.  In consultation with the LNLG, South Gippsland Shire has constructed a small viewing platform at Hilda Falls that will enable rail trail users to safely view the falls from the trail.

Cape Horn

The LNLG have completed further works on the Wark memorial at Cape Horn.
The seat and planting is a memorial to the late Graham Wark formerly owning a property on Boundary Road and a LNLG member.
In lieu of flowers guests at his funeral were invited to donate to LNLG. The seat and site were chosen by his family to overlook his farm on Boundary Road.

Great Southern Rail Trail

The LNLG is aiming to assist South Gippsland Shire with maintenance of relevant sections of the now completed Great Southern Rail Trail.